Friday, October 8, 2010

Countdown to Finale

Assalamualaikum n very good mornin' to all readers n bloggers!!! :-)
 its being a long time since my last blogging, about few months past. hehe sorry 4 nit updateing my blog, too busy, beside not easy to get internet access here.
time past slowly, slowly, but now it already october, meaning only 2 weeks left before my final examination! wow, i'm shock! as the syllabus already and nearly finish, hope i'll able to catch up with the flow of study and revise all the subjects 4 exam later, plus with assignment .. fuhh, so tired dowh.... What to do, dis is campus life, accept da challenge! hehe
 hopefully with the blessing from Allah n your doa 4 me for success dunia n akhirat, will be become reality soon. amin... here, i would to thank al of the lectures 4 willing to share all your thought and knowlegde 4 us , as to make sure we become a good human being. Thanks y'all! :-) my beloved part 1 lec - miss fyda, miss mira, miss hazirah, utzh intan, mdm, laila, mr. JSY, miss hakimah, n others. i will do my best !

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  1. gudluck my fwen.....ol the bez..jmpa sem dpan he2


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