Friday, October 22, 2010

Should i love or being in love or loves it?

Salam pembuka bicara.

this week are study week, tp aku balik rumah, tuk cari inspirasi. nk releasekan tension, n cari keberkatan , jumpa mak ayah, n family... so wonderful.

Kasih sayang from The Creator, Islam, family n friends sangat aku syukuri. tanpanya pasri aku lemah menempuh badai hidup ini.

Next week, starting from 27 oct until 11 nov, i'll have my final exam for semester 1. hoping 4 the best n good result ahead.

Okey, back to what really i meant in this post, should i loves someone, coz sometimes i feel not to... but my hearts n feelings always knocking me to do so. Please, do i need to take the risk as to learn a good lesson for future or just put it aside? i hope i will find the answer soon...

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