Thursday, July 8, 2010

me at dungun, seaview and others..

salam to all.

it's been two weeks since my last log in on9 the internet.. a long time..

thank God coz today i'm home!!!! yay!!

for those weeks ago, i was at uitm dungun tganu for orientation. sweet bitter experience i had.

it start with...

the moment i enter the campus, wow, so beautiful! the scenary of the south china sea, the breeze, the forest surround it, catch my heart. dis was the right place to study, so peaceful.

check in to my hostel - Kolej Tenggol B- yeah, hostel right, nt so conviniece but still acceptable to live, at least for 1 semester. nice roomates, kind and cheerful new friends and the community itself. :-)

through out the orientation, i 'll give 3 stars rating, still can be improve. thanks senior for helping a lot.

but those sweet memory not last long..

the real campus life just begin after that...

blank, speechless, confuse...
what the heck happen to my Malay, muslim brothers and sister??? not all of them, but a large number of it.
sad to see my own races, tumbling towards hell pits... God please save us from being influence by those evil acts...

not need to mention, y'al know it, so social to much..... dis only a meer parts of what actually happen in dis fatamorgana world.

please back to the right way... amin..

now my focus is, to study and use the knowledge at right way... and confront life experience...

i hope with the help from Allah, always keep your faith to Him, Insya Allah success will be yours!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!! that was my motivation for now, doing all thing ikhlas for Allah.... hope to success in dunia n akhirat.... Amin...


  1. abis orientasi terus balik ke?
    x kan homesick kot....

  2. ada la sket... tp balik amek raket tennis coz kt sana x ada org main tennis... so court kosong, jd nk meriahkan tennis kt sana. besides, buy some electronic stuff sket kt rumah , 4 usage kt sana nnt.. utk hilangkan boring nnt.. haha


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